About us

As breeders of different dogbreeds and with more than 40 years of dogs around us, we noticed something. If our dogs had dull hair, dry hair, greasy hair, porous hair or yellow tones in the hair we couldn’t find the right care products to use on our dogs. If we take such good care of our own hair, why don’t we do that for our dogs? They deserve it. At Clean Dogs we develop products which help restore the natural shine and protection of the dogs fur. The care products are specialy made to help the skin and fur to remain their best condition and leave a pleasent scent. The products also makes the fur easily to comb which is nice for the longhaired breeds. Clean Dogs products are for all hair and skin types and for all ages. There is a product for every dog! We keep ourselfs constantly innovating in dogcare products and fur and skin problems. Keep yourself updated by checking our site for new products, tips and tricks. You can order the Clean Dogs products at www.cleandogs.nl, you can also find us at many shows and matches. Our products are being used at several dog grooming salons and are being sold at selected pet stores.